Hunger Games: Clato Forever

For those who love Clato and Hunger Games.

My fic about Cato and Clove in The Hunger Games. 

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay has added Gwendoline Christie to its cast to replace Lily Rabe in the role of Commander Lyme.

Rabe had to depart Mockingjay, Part 2 because of “a scheduling conflict with a previous commitment to Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare in the Park,” according to Deadline. She had joined the project in September of last year.



Why don’t people realize clato loves each other? Think about this: Even though Clove didn’t show she loved Cato (which I’m sure she did) Cato for a fact, loved her. Cato was so fucking determined to win the games and he was easily angered. Remember when the district 3 boy’s trap blew up the food?…

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Released images of the pillars of victorious of district 8,9, 11 and 12. 

Interestingly District 9 has five victores. They are very few remembered in the books, there is not even a named character that district. : (

There’s been a slight rule change.”






Annie Cresta could have been a goddamn beast.

Brutal and bloodthirsty and badass beyond belief.

No one said she was HARMLESS

I know! We don’t know all that happened in her games to contribute to the severity of her PTSD, but if she was as freaking HARMLESS as some people seem to think she is, the Career pack would have singled her out to kill in the initial bloodbath, let alone letting her live long enough to even find a place to hide.


The uesless/weak ones die then. Not only did she not die, she won, And yes, she is severely completely traumatized with the beheading of her partner. 

But she didn’t die, she won. Survival of the fittest, and fittest doesn’t mean muscle mass, it can mean intelligence, it can mean strategy. 

It can mean she drowned them all when she could.

Personally I like the idea that Annie was highly trained career, and disassociates killing with her, she doesn’t want to die, so she’s gotta win, and has locked up that idea that it’s her doing it, sort of a justification, and then the beheading of her partner, just reminds she is human and she is the one doing this.

And part of her PTSD is dealing with that. 

It can mean she drowned them all when she could.

Yes, this.^^  I mean, obviously I have my own ideas on how she fought and won her Games, but we totally agree on this one.

There’s no way she was a passive observer.  Before her district partner’s death, I believe she was an active participant; after, I think her training still kicked in, both for survival and to finally “win.”  Muscle memory, the will to survive (which has to be pretty damn strong in any victor), innate intelligence, all of those had a part in Annie’s victory.

Plus, if she was a good swimmer, she must have been a fairly physically strong person too. With a really strong back in particular. 

I agree that Annie could have been a highly trained career. We can not forget that careers as Cato and Clove (which are often portrayed as cruel) already showed signs of desperation. So why Annie could not have been a traditional career and then gone harmed?

It is said that she was crazy, but she was able to swim and not drown, that means Annie is not unstable and not as fragile as some people say it is.

Besides Annie may have been physically strong, but she also had to have self-control to survive.


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I love clato. They are sweet *.* Clato & Alexbelle FOREVER


I love clato. They are sweet *.*
Clato & Alexbelle FOREVER

I can tell by the pain in his voice that he sees her on the ground.

“We’re going home.”