Hunger Games: Clato Forever

For those who love Clato and Hunger Games.

"Annie is just a poor crazy girl."


"Finnick just was with her because she is crazy."


"Annie is unable to have a relationship with Finnick or have her own autonomy."


"Finnick should stay with Johanna because Annie is crazy."


"Annie is harmless and won her Hunger Games by luck."


"Finnick and Annie were not careers-"


Beetee: *Won a Hunger Games.*

Beetee: *Help save the mockingjay for rebellion and ends crippled because of it.*

Beetee: *Spends most of the time building technology to help District 13.*

Coin: Katniss can not help us in rebellion!

Beetee: …

Coin: Because she was destroyed by the Hunger Games!

Beetee: …

I would like to note that all the tributes that could have lit a fire, was a tribute from District 8 that did it. 

And which was the first district (according to the books) to rebel? I’m almost sure it was a kind of foreshadowing. The fire could symbolize that the situation was on fire and District 8 would be the first to show the sparks.

What do you think about this?


Anyone else bummed that Meta Golding/Enobaria isn’t listed for Mockingjay Part 2?

Meta Golding has been confirmed on the set of Mockingjay.


I still say that Enobaria “decided” to have her teeth filed into fangs in the same way that Finnick “decided” to sleep with the entire population of the Capitol and Tigris “decided” to have increasingly bizarre cosmetic surgeries.

I mean I’m not sure that she was unhappy with it but mandatory gimmicky bullshit is kind of the Capitol’s thing.

President Snow’s Panem Address #2 - “Unity”

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Imagine being raised in a careerist District.

If trained and taught throughout childhood to seek glory in the Hunger Games.

But after he wins, they discovers that not won anything. And then the Capitol sends reminders are how “privileged” they are.

Remember when Katniss feared stylists altered parts of her body? Why this could not have happened with Enobaria?

She might have torn the throat of a tribute. But what if she had no choice? All victors won because they had to cross some line.

And Finnick? People forget that he used fishing nets and impaled tributes. And a it also is not horrible? He shows no remorse for the people he could have killed …I have the impression that many people like him because “he’s beautiful(.

If you are going to hate Enobaria why “she is cruel” (when we do not know the background story of her), then it is not right like Finnick. He even said that none of the victors won by decency.

But the truth is that none of them is not the real enemy. You may not like Enobaria, judge as you wish. But she is a victim as Finnick and any other victorious.

Me to people who still think that Peeta would betray Katniss:


thecinema142 :

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parte 1 Poster promocional

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Parte Mockingjay 1 nos cinemas 21 de novembro de 2014

What? Peeta? Fight competition in District 12? That was hardly counted. :o

Peeta: *Did notes about the victorious, watch their Hunger Games, reviewing their interviews. And interacts with victorious tributes of District 6.*

Peeta: I didn’t even know her name (Female Morphling).


Clove: *She knows name of Rue, though she had no reason for it.*